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UPI MANUFACTURING, L.P, is a product development & manufacturing company that was established in 2006, with the invention and patent of a revolutionary new way of installing pipe underground. This patent soon produced a product called the Sidewalk Sleever which was released in the spring of 2007. The Sidewalk Sleever changed the way irrigation, plumbing, electrical and fiber optic installers install pipe and wires under structures. UPI's newest product is the Tree Stabilizer Kit. This product replaces the need for planting new trees with rusty metal fence posts, steel wire and cut water hose. 
UPI Manufacturing's mission is to continually question the performance, safety and value of existing products in order to create new and advanced products that are environmentally responsible and provide a variety of real benefits to the consumer.

UPI Manufacturing currently holds a collection of Patents, Patents Pending, Trademarks and was awarded the "Best Patent Of The Year" by the Buskop Law Firm.

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